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Project Description

A PowerShell module for accessing .NET Isolated Storage as a drive.

This project utilizes the excellent PSScriptProvider module, written by Oisin, to access .NET Isolated Storage in a native PowerShell way.



This module intends to function similar to the built in FileSystem provider by Microsoft.
Will not support: Clear-Item, Invoke-Item, Set-Item


  • Can create Isolated Storage drives with navigation support
  • Supported scopes: User or Machine for PowerShell (Assembly)
  • Default drives: "iso" with User scope for PowerShell
  • Supports: Get-Item, Get-ChildItem (no recurse), Get-Location, Pop-Location, Push-Location, Set-Location, New-Item (Directory), Remove-Item (Directory)
  • No help
  • No safety net (WhatIf, Confirm)


  • Satefy net (WhatIf, Confirm)
  • Supports: New-Item (File), Remove-Item (File), Get-Content, Set-Content
  • No help

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